Be That Guy And Create An Unforgettable Brand

An important component of a successful marketing is to have a unique value proposition, a competitive advantage, a strategic differentiator. You need something that answers the question "why would a client choose you over all other financial advisors?" And that is one of the most difficult challenges for any financial advisor.
Here is someone who might help: Scott Ginsberg, “that guy with the name tag”, speaker, consultant, and author of How To Be That Guy and other books. There is a lot I like about Ginsberg’s approach, and this particular book in particular, including the detail that one of the first quotes in the book is from Peter Montoya, another marketing consultant to financial advisors with lots of good ideas.
One of the useful examples in the book is right at the beginning. He lists 22 questions for you to fill in, including "After people get to know me, they'll never think about __________ the same way again," and "There is nobody walking the planet who could share the message about ____________________ better than me."
Some of the questions highlight the challenges of marketing advisory services, like "if you Google the word_______________, the first 10 pages would be my website." Try completing that question and you will quickly realize why telling people you "manage investments" will get your marketing plan exactly nowhere.
To attract clients and referrals, you need to be "that guy" about something. George Kinder was "that life planning guy" and carried it to a national reputation. Roger Gibson did the same as "that asset allocation guy." Mark Colgan is headed that way as "that legacy planning guy."
What guy (or woman) will you be?


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