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The criminal conspiracy to meddle in the 2016 U.S. presidential election devastates the credibility of online social platforms. Likes are not trustworthy. They're easily faked. Russian bots right now are flooding Twitter with posts about gun control. 

In undermining trust online, the information war is strengthening the role of authoritative sources, presenting an opportunity for financial professionals to fill the credibility gap.
As a financial professional, you have a natural network of people who know and trust you and more credibility on financial issues than the media. Though this battle with the Russians was lost, the information war is continuing you can provide  timely analysis and be the primary source of reliable financial news to your community and networks. But you need a news feed people want to consume. 

Advisor Products content is news, not marketing fluff. Continuing professional education webinars by Fritz Meyer, Dr. Craig Israelsen, and Bob Keebler, CPA/PFS about the economy, low-expense investing, and financial planning source our stream of financial news. 
For example, lost in the headlines right now is that the Russian assault on America, as measured by the stock market, was a dud. Stock prices barely budged after details of the Russian wrongdoing were announced, displaying what makes America exceptional. That's the message in this week's video.  
The weekly videos are available in different digital formats in a dashboard. You can narrate the videos and change the words slightly using one of our apps. Or you can download the slides and publish them in a blog post, rewriting the words and adding your keywords. You also can tweet it out from the dashboard or email it.  
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