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Financial Advisor Mascots

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Financial advisor mascots are creatures, teachers, cartoon characters in videos, doodles that come alive onscreen as your firm’s spokesman. The GEICO gecko is a classic example of a mascot, and that technique can be used by advisors.   Four and a half years ago, Elliot Weissbluth of HighTower Advisors posted a YouTube video targeting his firm’s prospects and clients in Chicago by featuring a cast of cartoon characters to teach a two-and-a-half minute lesson about hiring a fiduciary instead of a broker.   Contrasting a butcher who sells meat and does not care about yo

Four Misconceptions About "Content-Only Websites" For Advisors

Maybe it's because advisors are generally comfortable only with prudent, time-tested solutions that so many of you make poor technology choices. Or maybe it’s just that the advisor tech press is a clubby group of citizen journalists with little or no experience in developing advisor websites and no grasp of the story, leaving advisors poorly informed.  Advisors Are Late Adopters. Advisors are the opposite of early-adopters of technology. Generally, by nature, you are late-adopters. It’s genetically-coded perhaps, and that makes sense. Would you want an advisor managing you

In A 19-Minute Interview, Former Fed Analyst, Shehriyar Antia, Opines On Brexit

The Fed was not surprised by Brexit, says Shehriyar Antia, a former senior analyst at the New Y Fed. Mr. Antia, who spent a decade at the central bank, says Fed economists were almost certainly performing “what if” simulations in anticipation of the vote by Britons to break the four-decade movement to build the European Union’s supra-national bulwark.   Mr. Antia should know. He’s been in the room for Fed meetings at moments much like this one, having been part of a team that implemented the Federal Reserve Board's quantitative easing program. Mr. Antia, now is president of Macro Ins

Have You Prepared Your Clients For A Pullback In Stocks?

Stock prices are not far off from their all-time high. Have you prepared your clients for the possibility of a pullback? With economist Fritz Meyer saying that stocks are susceptible to a pullback, Advisor Products produced a video this past week explaining the current situation.   Advisors can narrate the video or use our professional’s voiceover. One you narrate the video, it automatically gets posted to YouTube and emailed to your contact list in Constant Contact. See this video playlist for more information. 

Talking To Clients About Terrorism

Amid the despair over the recent attacks in Paris and Mali, investors need guidance more than ever. If you are their trusted financial advisor, or aspire to be, then you should be telling your clients and other contacts what terrorism means to their money. That’s a tall order. What do you do? Silence Is Not Golden. You could send contacts links to articles in the press. That's easy and free, but it sends your contacts to a website other than yours. Plus, the article or video you link to may not reflect exactly what you would like to say. You could produce an ar