Congratulations To Heidi Clute, CFP, For Getting Her Post About How To Choose A Financial Advisor Published In Her Local Newspaper In Vermont; A Lesson On Guest-Blogging And Getting Your Content Published In Local Newspapers Hot

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I don’t know Heidi Clute and have no involvement with her firm. But she did something clever and obvious that most advisors do not do. She contacted the local paper and provided it with content. It’s a really simple story and can be put together quickly by almost any advisory firm. But Clute took the time to actually do it.
Providing content about financial issues to your local paper is one of the best ways you can get the word out about your firm. But few advisors ever actually execute on it. Advisors are so caught up in day to day business and personal issues that it’s hard to take some time and cover the basics of marketing. They're always working "in" their business instead of "on" their business.   
Truth be told, Clute’s article is well written but lacks sophistication, news value, orginality, and wisdom. The article could have been written by Clute's  broker/dealer,  the FPA, or some other ghostwriter that knows little about financial planning. To get published  on a regular basis in local papers, advisors need more valuable content and news-oriented articles. A story about how to choose an advisor is too generic to get picked up in most daily newspapers or even get published by your local weekly.
If you provide uncommon financial wisdom or find a local angle on personal finance stories, which is much harder to do, it can be especially beneficial to you for marketing purposes.
Getting articles published in local websites, like a newspaper or business journal, or guest-blogging on a site if your community, is usually far more valuable than posting an article to your own website. While advisors are getting sold on blog writing right now, it is better to have your content posted to a local hub with established credibility. Local papers abd community sites are starving for content.


I recently created a content marketing strategy for a financial advisor in Florida and provided him with 10 topics to blog about that would be valuable to his target market locally. The ideas were good, so I suggested he contact the local newspaper to see if they were interested in publishing any of his articles. He did and the paper, which has a Sunday circulation of more than 300,000, wants to publish his posts and will link to his website.


If you are creating good content for your target markets, think about where other than your website you can publish it to have more marketing success.

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