Why Marketing Plans Are Obsolete For Advisors Hot

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Who has time for that? In the Internet Age, what you need is results.
Instead of writing a marketing plan that talks about what you intend to do, just do it.
Instead of writing about your market strategy, execute.
Instead of writing a 25-page strategic marketing plan, write blog posts optimized for search engines. Put your value proposition in words search engines will index. Write words that will help the people that you want to work with to find you on the Web. Your ideal clients will indeed find you if you write about ideas they need to know about. That’s the beauty of the Web.
For example, if you want to work with young lawyers in New York, write about the New York Medical Society’s Young Physician Job Posting Board. Call or email the staff coordinator of the Medical Economics Committee, (her name, phone and email are published on the website) or the chair of the committee (whose name is also on the website). Ask if they want to work with you to organize a webinar for doctors about the long-term financial implications of current trends in health care insurance reimbursement.   
Your free webinar for young physicians in New York County, also known as Manhattan, could offer financial tips on negotiating a salary package, benefit packages, mega-group versus hospital affiliation, and other specialized financial ideas of interest to young doctors.
Embed the webinar on your website for replay. Require users to give you their name and contact information to view the replay.
In addition, edit the webinar video into three two-minute segments with highlights and post that on your website. Providing helpful information to your target market can put you at the top of search engine results for young doctors in New York concerned about wealth management.
By mentioning the words “New York,” “Manhattan,” “financial planning,” “wealth management,” and related terms words that a young NYC physician might use to search the Web when looking for a financial advisor or an answer to a financial problem in your blog, tweets, social media pages, videos, and webinars, you will create a trail of search engine terms that lead young doctors looking for a financial advisor to you. Moreover, those young doctors would find you for the right reason: you are offering help, value ideas, specialized knowledge not found just anywhere.
Instead of doing the strategic thinking necessary to figure out your target markets and niches and turning that into a marketing planning document, simply start writing blog posts about the financial pain points of your ideal clients, and they will find you. By writing 10 or 12 400- or 500-word posts addressing specific issues your ideal clients care about, you will articulate your value proposition from all different angles.
You’ll get results, not just a pile of paper.
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