Schwab's New Retail Ad Campaign Promotes Its Portfolio Performance Reporting Solution Hot

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Charles Schwab's new ad campaign uses its portfolio performance reporting as a differentiator and highlights "the unique experience available to clients of the nation’s largest independent brokerage firm."


Schwab's IMPACT conference for advisors last week attracted a record 2,000 advisors and 4,000 attendees, and now that it is over Schwab today unveiled the latest version in its "talk to Chuck" TV ad campaign aimed at retail clients--its service that competes with the 6,000 independent advisors Schwab serves.


It's useful for advisors to note Schwab's message -- not just because it is wise to remember that Schwab competes with you for business but also because RIAs can get ideas about how to best market their services and how you must outdo Schwab.


"The new ads," says a Schwab press release, "target an expanding group of investors looking for something different than the standard Wall Street model, including tailored solutions, transparency about prices and costs, plain talk and actionable ideas from their financial services firm."


Interestingly, Schwab is now using its quarterly portfolio performance reports as a key differentiator.


"Some of the products and services featured in the new ads include Schwab’s Portfolio Performance Reporting, which enables clients to view their portfolio performance, analyze risk and return and compare returns to market benchmarks, and Schwab’s advised solutions including Windhaven Portfolios," says Schwab's news release.


Retail brokerages like Schwab have traditional offered monthly brokerage statements but portfolio reports that enable custom benchmarks are now becoming part of their standard offering.


Quarterly portfolio reports were once a differentiator for RIAs. Now, they're a requirement to compete.








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