Use Your Advertising To Educate, Not To Pontificate, Says Hot

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The numbers reveal that more than half of the population would rather read an ad that provides new information about how the markets work or walks them through how to cope with a specific situation. 


While providing that kind of specific advice in a promotional context may be extremely difficult for advisors to pull off given compliance constraints, describing case studies or other brief scenarios in brochures or other copy can go a long way.


For instance, rather than simply exhort prospects to heed the benefits of diversification, consider providing a "before and after" portfolio with long-term historical performance.


Walking your readers through the changes and the eventual impact on a hypothetical client's wealth will teach them more about modern portfolio theory and your own role in it than any number of vague descriptions.


Remember, the brain likes specific cases. Abstractions (like "diversification increases the likelihood of returns while reducing risk") find a harder time getting traction.





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