A 4.9-Average Star Rating For Israelsen's Greatest Client Hits

Craig Israelsen, using metaphors to explain complex investment concepts, received a 4.9 average star rating and rave reviews for his CFP continuing education session comprised of his favorite clients lessons. For example, Craig recalled a piece of wisdom given to him about raising his six children. “The child who needs love the most is likely the one who deserves it the least,” he said. Anyone who has ever loved a child knows that’s true and can relate to managing a difficult child. Using the complexity of parenting a child as a metaphor for diversifying a portfolio communicates the com

How To Lose A Client
I just got a new client. She recently lost her husband Bob and had been trying to piece her life back together. One of the items on her list was to familiarize herself with their investments and do some financial planning.     She set up an appointment with their advisor, who was a friend of her late husband. At the meeting, she felt the advisor talked down to her and tried to "razzle dazzle" her with pie charts and graphs. 

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The Nexus Of Investor Behavior And Expectations

Craig Israelsen highlights the nexus of investor expectations and behavior, the point where investors expect too little of themselves and too much from their portfolio. Dr. Israelsen confronts a common investor mistake, one that’s in front of us but overlooked.   In a session that received an average rating of 4.7 out of five, Dr. Israelsen tells advisors to teach clients that the performance of their portfolio is not something they control, but their savings rate is something they do control.  A client's willingness to fund a portfolio is a more important factor in retirement resul

Information Warfare Is An Opportunity For Financial Professonals
The criminal conspiracy to meddle in the 2016 U.S. presidential election devastates the credibility of online social platforms. Likes are not trustworthy. They're easily faked. Russian bots right now are flooding Twitter with posts about gun control.  In undermining trust online, the information war is strengthening the role of authoritative sources, presenting an opportunity for financial professionals to fill the credibility gap.   As a financial professional, you have a natural network of people who know and trust you and more credibility on financial issues than the media.

Financial Advisor Mascots beaver happy 2.gif
Financial advisor mascots are creatures, teachers, cartoon characters in videos, doodles that come alive onscreen as your firm’s spokesman. The GEICO gecko is a classic example of a mascot, and that technique can be used by advisors.   Four and a half years ago, Elliot Weissbluth of HighTower Advisors posted a YouTube video targeting his firm’s prospects and clients in Chicago by featuring a cast of cartoon characters to teach a two-and-a-half minute lesson about hiring a fiduciary instead of a broker.   Contrasting a butcher who sells meat and does not care about yo