Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Your Clients (Part 1)

We’ll start with a little quiz.  Please answer each question with either A for “I mostly agree.” or B for “I mostly disagree.”  Let’s begin!


1.                  My clients are skeptical

2.                  My clients stick with me because of my expertise

3.                  My clients all want the same thing:  low risk, high returns and

                     low taxes.

4.                  My clients don’t want me to say no to them.

5.                  My clients want things done on time.

6.                  My clients realize they cant’ control the market.

7.                  My clients think I charge too much.

8.                  My clients know I welcome their referrals.

9.                  My clients want me to help them be cautious about their spending.

10.                My clients’ time is valuable; they don’t want to be contacted by

                     me a lot.


Now, add up your score:  How many A’s?  How many B’s? 

If you answered mostly A’s, you need to read on.  If you answered mostly B’s, you might have answered the questions correctly, but did you do so for the right reasons?  

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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