Keep It Personal Amid the Automation

I had a great virtual conversation with an advisor I respect a great deal this morning around customer service. I have always believed, even as a leading edge adopter of technology who advises advisors on technology, that we cannot lose touch with the relationship.

Granted, the days of doing everything by hand and in person are gone - and there are many user friendly systems that help automate the data points we need brought to the surface to drive our actions and tasks. Yet, the power of a personal phone call or email amid the scheduled messaging and marketing automation is worth every ounce of time it takes.

The conversation had two-fold reward, as I was also reminded of an outstanding customer service resource, Good Experience by Mark Hurst, who is a thought leader when it comes to identifying the "good experience" and sharing what works and does not work for very successful brands. 

I was a long time reader of Mark's newsletter and web site - and had lost track of the subscription through a set of email changes and business startup in 2009. This is a source of content I would recommend as a part of your regular reading routine. And of course, I have re-subscribed!

While my mantra around identifying and automating the process and workflow that powers your operations will not change - I will never suggest that we eradicate the personal touch - as the human relationship is so central not only to your business - but also our business of providing advice to advisors. 

A final analogy to the point of maintaining a personal connection with your contacts amid the "systemizing" we all evolve through in business with technology. I recently met with a personal advisor relating to my business and financial life - and while we often communicate electronically - he also took the time to hand write a personal note card, dropped a clipping of relevance to our business in the envelope - and mailed if off the old fashioned way. That carries a great deal of weight with me - and I am certain with anyone reading this now.

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