Free Client Segmentation Tool From Advisors4Advisors

To segment your client base methodically, advisor coach Diane MacPhee has generously provided A4A members with the Client Segmentation Worksheet. It will help you identify your “A” clients in an hour or two.  

MacPhee, who founded her own financial planning firm in 1989, sold her practice in 2007, to work full-time as a practice management coach. MacPhee coaches advisors on business development, managing staff, creating efficient systems, and time management. As a veteran advisor, MacPhee’s coaching engagements reflect a keen understanding of the profession and industry dynamics.

The Client Segmentation Worksheet is a valuable tool that MacPhee devised to help advisors examine client profitability systematically and quickly. If you have not segmented your client base lately, the worksheet is likely to be a real eye-opener.  

If you are not firing some of your most difficult and least profitable clients every year, eventually you’re going to wind up spending too much time on lousy clients. Moreover, you are able to create service levels matching your client segments. Your fee scheme suddenly becomes more rational and you will be able to spend more time with clients who are most valuable to you.

The Client Segmentation Worksheet is part of A4A’s Advisor Rewards program. With Advisor Rewards, you get points for participating in the A4A community.

You accumulate points when you fill in your A4A profile, comment on blogs, and review the apps that you use in your practice. You can redeem your points for A4A rewards, such as the Client Segmentation worksheet. To see if you have enough points to download the worksheet, go to the
Rewards Page.

If you don’t have enough points to download the Client Segmentation Worksheet, just rate one of your apps, complete your profile or comment on a blog post or two to accumulate points.  


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