Would You Recommend Your Tech Consultant?

We’re building a national directory of tech consultants qualified to serve independent advisors.

Consultants that maintain your internal computer network, advise on document management systems, embed business processes in CRM systems, and provide other specialized services will be listed in the directory.

To nominate a tech consultant to be listed in the directory, please send their contact information and website address to me at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or tell them to email me.

We’ll ask them to fill in a detailed questionnaire and the answers are displayed in A4A’s Review section. A4A members can review each consultant using our five-star rating system.

You can see one consultant's completed questionnaire by clicking on the black "View Specifications" button 

I am grateful to Brian Edelman of
Financial Computer Services, who helped me create the questionnaire.

For advisors, hiring an IT consultant can be daunting. Advisors usually don’t know much about IT. Complicating matters, IT consultants usually don’t know much about the advisory business.

Most IT consultants work with doctors, lawyers, dentists, retail shops and many other business, and they have little or no experience with the special needs of advisors. They often don’t know about portfolio reporting, financial planning, and CRM systems created for the profession or about the special security rules advisors face. So we’re making it easy for A4A members to find specialists whose livelihood depends on advisors.

A4A members already get valuable reviews of advisor software. That’s because advisors review their practice management apps when they register for A4A, using a simple five-star rating system. Now we’re applying our Review system to advisor technology consultants.

Tapping into “the wisdom of the crowd” is particularly valuable to independent advisors because they’re so isolated from one another. (If you have not yet reviewed your CRM, portfolio management, financial planning apps, please
do it now.) So please nominate worthy candidates and rate them.

A4A’s IT Consultants Directory will help your IT consultant grow a business. So your consultant will appreciate being nominated. The directory ultimately helps you become more efficient. It’s Advisors4Advisors!


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