How to turn technology into a screaming success for your firm

By the way it makes people feel.
When people feel thrilled about the outcome of their technology solution, you hear things like:
“Worldox has made our life at the office much more efficient and allows us to serve our clients more quickly.  That makes us happy!”
“I am happy to tell you that quarterly reporting is not the chore it once was--I love how much more streamlined the process is.” 
“It [Assemblage] saved us so much time and I absolutely love this process.”
And my personal favorite – “Thanks you guys, you changed my life.”
Notice, the employees we hear “talking” these examples express emotion around something they can now DO exceedingly better than how they ever did it before.
Pause for a moment. What is something you want your firm to be able to do much more easily than how you do it now?
Jot down your answer, and now move on.
You’ve probably been in your career long enough to have experienced technology failure. What did that feel like? Pause for just a moment here, and conjure up that feeling.
Let me guess…Frustrated. When people talk about a technology failure, how do they typically talk about it?   It doesn’t DO what we wanted. 
Now let’s contrast. What feeling did you pick up from reading some of the employees’ e-mails above?  It’s more than satisfaction - it’s excitement. And excitement produces two very predictable outcomes. Bottom line, when you are excited about what you can now do,
·        you want to show it off  to someone else – to your mom, your spouse, your kids, your friends, your colleagues. This is so cool – look at what I can do!
·        you want to DO it again. That was so cool, what can I do next?
And isn’t that a thrilling, desirable outcome? A success which leads you to want to recreate that outcome again.   With each success, you boldly forge ahead with the next new step.
Now that you know what technology success feels like – that is, something you want to share with others and re-experience, how do you create feeling using technology solutions throughout your firm? See me on the next blog.

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