Hosting Virtual Meetings


Tools in this space have come a long way - to the point now where very little technical knowledge is required to host a meeting. Additionally - meetings can be scheduled in advance or even held on demand without notice.

This is again a sector of technology where numerous vendors compete - I will mention some of the most popular and progressive in this arena. As always - this list is by no means comprehensive.

  1. Adobe Connect
  2. ePop (WiredRed)
  3. GoTo Meeting (Citrix)
  4. Webex (Cisco)


These providers all offer a packaged, web-based solution that offers integrated phone conferencing, screen sharing and a rich interface for showing multiple types of documents and media. While admittedly GoTo Meeting is my own personal favorite - I feel one of its shortcomings is its lack of support for video conferencing in small settings. That is a feature the other providers on the list above all support in some form or fashion.

The value of these tools is it enables you to host a full featured client meeting with audio conversation, document sharing and screen presentation capabilities - even walking your meeting attendees through live web sites, presentations and reports. These features support sophisticated activities like annual review meetings, online seminars and study groups.

By fully exploring where your practice and team can leverage virtual communications tools - you can achieve a maximum number of “touches” with your clients - both remotely and in physical meetings.

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