CPA Firm To Movie Stars Was Hacked, Says IT Consultant To Advisors, Craig Pollack, At A 4.4-Star Rated Webinar Hot

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Craig Pollack has been an IT consultant to independent financial advisors in southern California for 25 years. He started out as a software developer, however. In addition to working with advisors, Pollack's firm, FPA Technology Services, also works with owners of cemeteries and mortuaries. He’s made a killing, and I know from just one or two brief phone conversations that Pollack has an enormous amount of practical knowledge to share with advisors about technology. He’s in the trenches and runs a team of engineers and technicians who are in advisor offices day in and day out.

This was Craig’s first webinar on A4A and he says he wants to do one every quarter. Our next session will be about using virtual desktops to run your office. While a 4.4-star rating is certainly good, I think Craig is going to be a star on A4A because this guy really knows his stuff.

See below the mostly high-favorable comments from attendees and this snippet from the webinar about a CPA firm to movie stars that got hacked.



Craig Pollack’s average rating: 4.4


  • Interesting and a very important topic
  • Gave us items to think about, in particular, what electronic data is retained that holds account numbers.
  • We need more specifics on how to create a cyber policy not just why.
  • I thought it was very useful.
  • Pretty Good
  • Wish it had been longer
  • Excellent
  • Very informative and thought provokig
  • Excellent introduction to our risks as an RIA
  • Excellent! Great presenter.
  • Great, but can go into more detail next time.
  • Good info, but I would have liked more solutions.
  • Good
  • Needed more time on solutions. Knowing about the risk is great, but too much time was spend outlining the problems and not enough time on practical how to stuff, particularly for really small advisors.
  • Good practical examples.  Could probably break into two webinars based on the amount of possible material
  • Very good
  • Craig did a good job. Data security is becoming increasingly important in many professions especially financial services.
  • Useful, but raised plenty of questions for my particular situation. This will help me focus my efforts.
  • This was a solid overview of the issues currently presented in this space (cyber security). As with some of the compliance webinars, some of the information is a bit frightening. Those of use who have not have cyber security issues should consider ourselves fortunate. A lot to think about, and even more to worry about. Thanks Andy for bringing in this speaker.
  • Disappointed.  Craig talked about why you should hire his firm or a firm like his.  Andy's questions were the most helpful because dealt with specific things advisors can do.  
  • We had many take-aways from this webinar.  I have many questions for our IT consultant after this.  Also, with the SEC possibly adding cyber security to its audits, this is such a relevant subject.  Thank you.



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