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Financial advisory firms are valued ultimately based on what they know, and the best tool for managing what a financial advice firm knows is Microsoft Office 365.

In offering a 12-month course curriculum about Office 365 that is focused on the needs of financial advice professionals, Advisors4Advisors is presenting an advanced level of professional education by providing training to practitioners on this best-in-class enterprise-level technology platform for managing an investment advisory’s intellectual property.
I’ve been using Office 365’s cloud platform to manage the writing, editing, and FINRA-review process for many months and must admit to have been very frustrated at times by the complexity of Office 365. However, as a professional writer, business owner, and editor in a financial communications company, you have to believe that investing an hour a month learning how to use Microsoft’s platform will pay off.   
Your job requires you to manage personally identifiable information about your clients and prospects. You owe it to them to use the best tools for sharing information while protecting their privacy. Office 365 has the industrial strength collaboration and role management features built to support the world’s largest teams. Microsoft Office’s core suite — Word, Excel, and PowerPoint — remain the most powerful apps in their respective categories, and most financial advisors know how to use these tools. Meanwhile, Office 365 brings with it newer tools for productivity and collaboration, like OneNote, Skype, Yammer and Lync.
I’ve been using Office 365 for months and came away from Robert Clark’s session with important tips and tricks. For example, I did not know that Lync could be used as a private intra-company chat network but that I can also chat with anyone else who has Lync even if they are not on my corporate network. Lync's like AIM or Facebook chat but for business.
Advisors4Advisors takes professional education to a new level with this in-depth 12-lesson course teaching RIA owners, advisors, IT and support staff as well as sole practitioners how to use the most powerful tool ever for managing what you know and working more collaboratively.    


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