What Advisors Want


The webinar invitation included a link to a survey asking advisors they want from us, and we made the survey findings available. Like Mel Gibson, we now can see into the minds of our clients.

Advisors, to succeed in this environment, must work toward the same transparency, openness, and cooperative communication. How?

Whenever you rebalance a client’s accounts, complete a client’s review, or perform key services to clients, ask the client how you did. Creating a survey and emailing a link to your clients tfili out will take just a few minutes. Ask your clients how you’re doing. Ask them what they want.

(SurveyMonkey.com is great for creating quick surveys on the fly, and AdvisorImpact is the most complete program I know about for conducting comrehensice satifaction surveys of advisor clients).

Please join us for our first MarketingSmart webinar Wednesday, April 15 at 4 p.m when we will address what advisors want.



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