Web Tool Shows That Advisors Crave Income With Few Strings Attached


Roughly 600 advisors have used the ActiFi Business Evaluator tool to diagnose their practice, making the aggregate data a snapshot of the independent channel at large.


"Maximizing my net income" was the top goal for these advisors, followed close behind by "calling the shots myself" and "getting the best outcomes for my clients."


We can argue which of these motives should be at the top of every advisor's most honest self-evaluation. But the fact that they seem to come fairly close together in the ActiFi numbers -- reported anonymously -- is encouraging.


The average firm using the tool has $105 million in AUM spread across 193 client accounts and generates roughly 1% of that AUM in income every year.


The biggest business model so far came from independent broker-dealer reps, narrowly split between traditional brokerage networks and insurance-oriented firms.




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