Mark Tibergien Of Pershing Lays Out The Keys To RIA Growth And Profitability


Mark Tibergien hit the high notes in a recent Pershing practice management forum: advisors aren't charging enough, spending too much to acquire veteran talent, and allocating too large a proportion of their assets to their less profitable clients.


However, a few of the details bear repeating. For one, Tibergien urges RIAs to promote from within rather than exclusively court established advisors along with everyone else in the industry.


About half the advisors at the forum reportedly are thinking of M&A. That might be with the aim of selling their own practice -- but it might also be with an eye toward growing via acquisitions.


Either way, Tibergien says you've got to be able to demonstrate growth in order to get the good valuations when you sell. Straight AUM no longer cuts it.





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