This means we need to have a clear understanding of who our best Customers are and why we need to narrow our search.  Here are some things you might want to consider as your narrow and develop your niche:
  • Do a demographic segmentation of who your best Customers are.  This means developing both a psychographic and demographic profile of who these Customers are.  Your best Customer is someone who you make outsized profits with and who is easy to work with.
  • Start developing a value proposition aimed at your best demographic.
  • Make sure you are adding value at a massively higher level than your competitors for the niche you want to target.  This means putting together programs that help your niche become better at what they do using your expertise.
  • Develop a marketing program that lets your niche know that you exist and that you are interested in helping them make their life and or business better.  You want to be specific in how you are going to go about doing this.
  • Join organizations where those in your niche are likely to be.  Get involved in community or trade associations where your niche hangs out.  Helping people in your preferred demographic achieve their goals will put you in good stead with them. 
It’s important to understand that it takes time to develop a niche that is meaningful.  You first must spend a significant amount of time adding value to the people who live in the niche you want to serve before you start seeing business come from this niche.  The more avenues you can find to add value, the faster and deeper you will inhabit your niche and keep your competitors out.
As always, let me know what you think about niche management.  If you have any other points that are useful, please let me know.



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