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As Americans, we tend to think that pushing ourselves constantly to work harder and even smarter is the best road to success. Today’s connectivity assures we have access to offices and clients whenever and wherever we are…even if we are on vacation. Advisor burnout is not a popular topic for discussion. Yet it is a reality and advisors who pay attention to their need for a real break from their impossibly busy routines may boost their productivity, their ability to pick up on client needs, and their creativity.
Distractions are constant companions and the mental stress of an advisor practice can keep the brain waves churning for a day or two even after leaving the office. Consciously incorporating tools which help advisors decompress, become centered, and more connected to their personal lives provide dual benefits. These advisors are better able to listen to clients, can help clients articulate their needs, and have more rewarding professional lives.
Incorporating daily practices promoting mindfulness also helps. Taking a few minutes each day to ‘disconnect’ from the outside world and reconnect with ourselves can refresh us physically and mentally. This increases our ability to concentrate. Like the endorphins provided by regular exercise, mindfulness promotes a more positive view and facilitates continued growth and development in all areas of life. Setting these activities as a priority keeps advisors on a more productive track, enhancing both their professional and personal lives.

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