Loving What You Do, How You Do It, Who You Do It For: A Way For Financial Advisors To Achieve Real Success Hot

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Writing to you about how to love what you do for a living and how to love the way you do it could be really helpful and it cuts literally to the heart of the matter.


To help you focus on doing what you love and staying true to your passions, I will rely on 10 questions that I use to help structure my work as a coach to financial advisors. These are 10 questions that every prospect thinks but never asks you.



In this series of posts, however, I’m going to put a twist on my 10 Questions, and the twist is love.


When I address in another post “how you do” what you do for a living, I will speak about it in the context of how you can ensure that you love the way you practice. When I in a future post address “who you do it for,” I will speak about ensuring that you love the clients you work with.


While largely ignored in professoinal endeavors, love can be a powerful driving force. Yet many people do not stop to consider love when choosing a course of  action in professional pursuits. It’s simply not part of the equation.


I beleive loving what you do, how you do it, who you do it for — addressing the 10 big questions — helps creates success, not to mention health and happiness. If you beleive that too, then you should find this series of posts useful.


So here goes.


Let’s tackle the first big question: Loving what you do for a living. 


To be honest, there is no scientific evidence supporting the old adage, “Love what you do and the money will follow.” But most successful people I know love what they do.


Consider Michael Jordan and Steve Jobs. They, like most highly successful people have been quoted many times saying they would pursue their respective professions even if they were not paid for it.


While you may never reach the heights of superstars, you can apply this wisdom to your own life.


Now a common stumbling block to doing what love is that it will require change. Maybe you’ve built a successful practice that’s hooked on commissions, for example, and want to switch to providing advice for a fee. If you've been doing things one way for years, changing isn’t easy.


And trusting your ability to change and that everything will work out if you do make the necessary change requires a leap of faith. Many of us would rather be certain and miserable than face uncertainty by being open to the possibilities.


The truth is, however, things are desperately trying to work themselves out in your life, but you could be keep getting in the way by resisting them.


Ask yourself: What would have to happen for you to allow yourself to accept more pleasure from your work? What would have to happen for you to love your work?


Life’s too short. Appreciate the opportunity you have. Celebrate the fact you found out who you are and what you love to do. Then go out and do it. As Steve Jobs said, "follow your heart."


It’s a law of attraction: People like to do business with people who are happy. Why not be that happy person to whom others are attracted?


If you do what you love and you are successful, you’ll then be rich as well as happy. If not, the worst thing that can happen is that you’ll simply be happy.

Here are questions to ask yourself to begin become closer to loving what you do:

  • If you had all the time, money, contacts, energy and resources at your disposal -- total freedom -- how would you change your existing business?
  • Would you do it for free if you could?
  • What are you most passionate about?
  • What are the primary financial benefits you provide to clients?
  • What are the primary non-financial benefits you provide to clients?
  • What personal qualities are missing from your business?
  • How might you structure your business to express more of your passion, these benefits and qualities?


What’s Love Got To Do With It? Just about everything.


And God bless Tina Turner. I’m just grateful that on this particular day, Pandora wasn’t playing B.B. King’s classic, The Thrill Is Gone.

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