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Helen Keller was once reportedly asked, “Is there anything worse than being blind?" She replied, "Yes, a person with sight and no vision." Lack of vision is a major reason why so many people never reach their full potential.  People who think big tend to achieve big things, both in business and in life.

Sir John Templeton, one of the greatest money managers of all time, taught that everyone can't beat the market, because everyone is the market. You must be willing to do something different than everyone else if you want superior results. Don't become so engrossed in the necessary details of your business or life that you lose sight of the big picture.
Thinking big is really an exercise in emotional detachment, in gaining perspective, and taking time out from the incessant activity that can impede our long term growth. Taking time out to think and develop our state of mind is not always an easy thing to do in the fast paced world in which we live, but it’s an essential requirement. Even when we take vacations, many people are so busy doing, they never get any true down time to just “be”.
Another obstacle to thinking big is fear, and it comes in many forms. We’re afraid to think big, we’re afraid to ask, we’re afraid of failure, success, and rejection. But successful people act in spite of their fears. They never act (or not act) out of fear. They always come from a position of strength.
Take your revenue goal for this year and double it. That's right, double it. What happens? It immediately stretches your boundaries and shines a light on those areas of your practice that need shoring up. Do you need a more focused direction? Better time management?  Will you have to formalize and systematize your operations, sales or marketing efforts?  Work on those areas you've identified and your business will explode. Are you ready?
The second thing doubling your goal does is to help take your head out of your....desk.  When we come up against obstacles, very often we can’t see the solutions because we aren’t looking in the right places. We aren’t searching high enough. Our attention is stuck on the lower levels. Looking back over the years, you’ve probably already accomplished things in your business and your life that back then you thought impossible.
Einstein said we cannot solve problems using the same level of thinking that created them.  Double your goals to identify those aspects of your business that need immediate attention, and raise your thinking to higher levels of solutions and creativity.
Opening up your mind to seemingly “impossible” goals expands the filters of your perception, allowing you to pick up on the ideas, meet the people, go places and do things you would not otherwise, leading to previously unimaginable success. But to succeed beyond your wildest expectations, you’ve got to begin with some pretty wild expectations.
Start today. Think big. Double your goals and do something you've never done before…It’s fun!

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