Consider Learning Enough About Art To Compete With Private Banks For Your Clients' Loyalty

Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, and Citibank are just a few of the global wealth management organizations that are pushing art as a new asset class in its own right -- as a way to differentiate themselves and build up the reputation of their in-house art experts.


Whether art really surges into a $1 billion investment market this year as some suspect, amassing a large or small collection is unquestionably a goal of many high-net-worth individuals.


An advisor who can work with their clients to identify what they love and plan acquisitions -- and ultimately bequests -- accordingly can turn even the pursuit of the sublime into another planning goal like retirement, education, or philanthropy.


But to have the conversation, it helps to at least have a sense of what you're talking about. Find out what your clients collect and then learn what you can about that artist, medium, or genre. You don't need to talk like a professor, but knowing your Warhol from your Manet probably won't hurt.


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