Part 2 Of Fritz’s February 2015 Economic Update
What amounts to Part 2 of Fritz Meyer’s February 2015 update is contained in this 1 hour 20 minute video in which Fritz explains the topics he did not have time to cover in a live webinar a day earlier. In this session, Fritz discusses: Robust growth in main engine of US GDP What’s behind the market surge of the last five years? Why rate hikes are good for stocks 3% US GDP Growth expected in 2015 Why Europe’s labor force is a problem IMF global growth forecast for 2015 Forward looking purchasing managers’ index US LEIs show m

Fritz Meyer’s February Monthly Investment Update Is Like Lightning In A Bottle
Trying to make Fritz Meyer’s February webinar fit into a one-hour continuing professional educational session is like trying to put lightning in a bottle. Fritz has so much good information that when we limit him to one hour, A4A users complain if we contain Fritz. Check out the comments below from 85 of the attendees at the live session, who cared enough to comment, many of whom say they wish we’d let Fritz run long. Please allow me to explain why we can't do that. A4A is a sponsor and creatorof continuing professional education content for professionals with designations from the

Fritz Meyer Answers Your Questions (1 CE Credit)
At Fritz Meyer’s 100-minute webinar (two CE credits) for January 2015, we did not take questions.  Instead, we sent Fritz questions from attendees, and this 51-minute video below of his answers qualifies for CFP, CIMA, CPWA, and PACE CE credit -- if you're an A4A member ($60 a year).     At this session, Fritz adresses: Signs of irrational exuberance Why the oil price crash could be short-lived Economic impact of Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Surprising growth in real-wages and purchasing-power Whether U.S. job growth will stall if oil

Fritz Meyer Webinar Gets A 4.8 Rating, But A Few Brutal Comments Are Notable
Comedian Jimmy Kimmel regularly does a bit in which Hollywood’s biggest stars read mean tweets written about them.     In the two-and-a-half-minute bit, embedded above, as a tweet is written out across the bottom of your screen, actor Dennis Quaid looks into the camera and reads, “Great acting Dennis Quaid you old irrelevant pig.   Starlet Sharon Stone reads: “I remember when the words “@sharonstone is on television” brought me joy, instead of “I hate that bitch.”   And then there’s this one: “Is there a kickstar

Fritz Meyer Answers Questions About Recent Economic And Investment Issues
At last week's webinar for advisors about the economy, we ran out of time before investment strategist Fritz Meyer could answer questions from attendees.   We've posted his answers on YouTube, as a free sample of the in-depth coverage advisors get at weekly A4A webinars. Fritz addressed the energy boom aiding the U.S. economy, as well as the likely effects of a Fed rate hike, when it comes.