Long-Term U.S. Fiscal Outlook Leaves Fritz Scratching His Head
Fritz Meyer’s June 2015 webinar is available for replay anytime, and CFPS, CIMAs, and other professionals can receive continuing education credit 24/7, but we ran out of time to answer questions on the live session.   In this 30-minute video, Fritz offers an update on the perplexing long-term financial outlook for the U.S, addressing the federal debt and deficit spending. Fritz’s analysis is based on the Congressional Budget Office’s latest release forecasting the U.S. fiscal outlook for the next decade.   What economist Fritz Meyer describes is like watching a t

Dr. Craig Israelsen Responds To A Skeptic
Craig Israelsen’s investment advice, which is steeped in years of academic research, provides financial professionals a core-portfolio at the lowest cost possible. For CFPs, CFAs, CIMAs, CPWAs, and CPAs, the business model offers a fulfilling route to professional success.   Israelsen’s quarterly presentations on A4A are always excellent, but the bigger picture is that Israelsen’s 7Twelve methodology allows advisors to earn about 75 bps annually by providing clients with financial planning advice, or by adding value for advice beyond the core portfolio — all the w

Turning Tax Strategy On Its Head To Serve Wealthy Clients In High Income-Tax States
Steven M. Berman, a Mill Valley, California, financial advisor, in this guest post, explains when conventional tax strategy must be turned on its head to advise UHNWIs from high income-tax states. Berman, who provides tax-efficient portfolio advice to UHNWIs, explains an important exception to rules about locating investments in the right account, which was discussed at a recent webinar by Bob Keebler.     You asked about why I differ differed with Bob Keebler’s remarks about where to typically locate client asset classes and choosing between taxable and tax deferred accounts

Move along. Nothing to see here.
This guest post was written by my former editor at Worth and old friend, Jim Jubak, one of the best financial writers in the nation.   It sure has been fun—in a crash on the Interstate kind of way—to rubberneck as Greece threatened to leave the EuroZone/default on its debt/suffer through a meltdown of its banking system. But now that the crisis is over—until June anyway—it’s time to get back to the much less dramatic but much more powerful story that’s going to drive investment returns in and around the EuroZone for the rest of 2015 and into next yea

Part 2 Of Fritz’s February 2015 Economic Update
What amounts to Part 2 of Fritz Meyer’s February 2015 update is contained in this 1 hour 20 minute video in which Fritz explains the topics he did not have time to cover in a live webinar a day earlier. In this session, Fritz discusses: Robust growth in main engine of US GDP What’s behind the market surge of the last five years? Why rate hikes are good for stocks 3% US GDP Growth expected in 2015 Why Europe’s labor force is a problem IMF global growth forecast for 2015 Forward looking purchasing managers’ index US LEIs show m