China’s Crash Could Set Off A Trade War In Asia And Cause Chaos In Capitals Across The Globe
With stock prices plunging Monday and Tuesday amid growing concerns of an economic slowdown in China, A4A Panic Protection Coverage For Advisors continued on Thursday with a presentation from Mark DeWeaver, Ph.D., of Quantrarian Capital Management.   DeWeaver, who has previously lived and worked in China for about a decade and manages an Asian emerging market stock fund, said China’s stock market crash was just a sideshow for the upheaval that could occur in the months ahead, when countries that compete with China for exports follow China’s lead and devalue their currencies t

Much Ado About Yuan
China began to devalue their currency and markets reacted sharply.  As the week progressed, however, initial fears proved to be unfounded.   

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Guest Post: Alternatives Conference Lacked A Voice Of Reason, But Offered Valuable Ideas
Andy Martin is portfolio manager of the 7Twelve Balanced Portfolio, president of 7Twelve Advisors, LLC, and author of Dollarlogic: A Six-Day Plan to Achieving Higher Investment Returns by Conquering Risk. Andy partners with Prof. Craig Israelsen and has contributed to A4A in the past. He recently attended Financial Advisor Magazine's conference on alternative investments and sent in this post. Ali Motamed (Boston Partners), Ben Hunt (Salient Partners), Jack Rivkin, (Altegris), Evan Siminoff (Financial Advisor) By Andy Martin What do Greece, China, the Euro, massive world debt, and the US

The Fed and Future Interest Rates: 4 Key Questions
  In June, the FOMC declined to begin the long process of normalizing interest rates.  However, the Committee still positioned itself to raise rates later this year for the first time in nearly a decade.  Investors are increasingly focused on what the Fed’s new rate regime will look like and FOMC words and actions have given us some insight into this.  Here are answers to four key questions about the FOMC and future interest rates:   What does the FOMC need to see before normalizing interest rates? Federal

Long-Term U.S. Fiscal Outlook Leaves Fritz Scratching His Head
Fritz Meyer’s June 2015 webinar is available for replay anytime, and CFPS, CIMAs, and other professionals can receive continuing education credit 24/7, but we ran out of time to answer questions on the live session.   In this 30-minute video, Fritz offers an update on the perplexing long-term financial outlook for the U.S, addressing the federal debt and deficit spending. Fritz’s analysis is based on the Congressional Budget Office’s latest release forecasting the U.S. fiscal outlook for the next decade.   What economist Fritz Meyer describes is like watching a t