Blasting Washington In His Farewell Posting, New York Times Economics Columnist Issues A Call To Reason Hot

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In his final posting as economics columnist for The New York Times, David Leonhardt today takes politicians to the woodshed for not focusing what’s important to making America the world’s No. 1 economy. The post is notable for its wisdom.

“When I began covering the American economy 11 years ago, it was the envy of the world,” says Leonhardt. “Now we’re suffering through a painfully slow recovery, which Washington may soon make worse.”
Leonhardt, the senior reporter covering the economy for The Times who is moving on to run the paper’s Washington bureau, gives us a farewell column impressive for its gravity, as Leonhardt summarizes his observations on a decade of bad news for the American economy.  
“We are too often occupied with distractions, rather than trying to answer a simple question: What works?” says Leonhardt. “What economic policies have succeeded before and are most likely to lead to the best life for the largest number of people?”
It's ironic that Leonhardt attacks Washington even as he moves to head the paper's Washington bureau. But his observations are on target.
Leonhardt’s analysis on "what works" in fixing the economy is a call to reason too important for me to just summarize. Read it.
P.S.: After I posted this story, I notcied that Leonhardt had won a Pulitzer Prize in April 2011 for his commentary.


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