Rave Reviews For CFP® Continuing Professional Education

CFP®, CIMA®, CPA/PFS and other private wealth advisors gave reviews to Fritz Meyer’s two hour continuing education webinar for January, which broke another another attendance record.

Fritz sparked sparked some controversy, as you see from the comments below, and was asked some tough questions, but nonetheless received a 5-star from rating from the scores of advisors who took the time to rate the session. Yes, five stars!


A4A is a news service for investment and financial planning professionals delivered in accredited continuing education format. A4A and Fritz are independent and have no products to push. A4A’s news is supported by members and is a new kind of journalism for financial professionals. When stock prices plunged in December, Fritz Meyer conducted two special sessions for members. Similarly, when TCJA was enacted, we conducted extra sessions to give members the news while it was breaking, and members received CPE credit from NASBA that is accredited by state boards of accountancy as well CFP Board and IWI.  

A4A has conducted several webinars every month since it started in the financial crisis in October 2008 and a client version of the news stream is available from an affiliated marketing services at AdvisorProducts.com

 Reviews and comments from attendees of the live session:

  • Outstanding experience. Cannot believe how much he was able to cover!
  • Fritz proves he is a good economist and a poor wealth manager.
  • Another great webinar!
  • Excellent
  • Loved his opinions. Don’t necessarily agree but appreciate his point of view.
  • Excellent
  • Great job as usual
  • Outstanding as always !!
  • Great Stuff!
  • A+++
  • Tremendous job today, Fritz. Although some attendees were perplexed by Fritz' apparent contradictions on making predictions, I don't believe he was doing that at all. In fact, he was right on point when illustrating the foolishness of picking sectors based on the so-called experts, because they are indeed always wrong. The fact that Fritz said he didn't like international or commodities I think is fine, because he was giving his personal opinion, not asking everyone to follow it. There is a difference!
  • Absolutely excellent.  I so appreciate Fritz's unbiased, by the numbers analysis.
  • Fritz continues to be a dynamo!
  • Fritz is terrific.
  • Great!
  • Best CE I have ever taken.....
  • Good stuff
  • Interesting.  Has he ever given his opinion on different asset classes to hold.  Didn't seem his usual.  It was interesting but he only looked at 23 or so years.  Not nearly enough, in my opinion. 
  • I love the way Fritz expressed concepts and I love the way he views the overall economy and the metrics he uses.
  • Interesting information and slides with a lot of encouraging information.  However, did not see slides that address the US Deficit and unfunded entitlements.  Also, how is the US going to pay for the recent massive tax cuts?  Did we really need them when the economy is doing and trending so well?
  • Always excellent and very timely BUT there wasn't a whole lot of new information that wasn't presented in the last presentation. Pls note that I VERY much appreciate that Fritz is making himself so available probably recognizing the anxiety of us advisors seeking good counsel for our clients.
  • Excellent overview of market and economy
  • Great
  • Great!
  • A little off track with the asset specific stuff and it took too much of the Q&A.
  • Great, as usual.
  • Excellent job, thank you.
  • Really helpful as always!  Thank you!
  • Thoughtful presentation.
  • Absolutely super!!!
  • Great
  • Great one!  Best yet from Fritz
  • Terrific
  • This may have been Fritz's best.  A more comprehensive global perspective, other than just the US was appreciated.
  • Excellent as usual
  • Fritz is superb at really questioning the meaning behind the statistics and applying real logic to what I consider to be the appropriate conclusions!
  • This was perfect for the current environment.  I became a convert 2 years ago!
  • As always the content was great and Fritz's delivery of same was outstanding.
  • Outstanding!!
  • great as usual
  • Enjoyed it.  My first on with Fritz Meyer as presenter.
  • Great
  • Fritz was amazing as always
  • He just gets better.
  • Great stuff
  • Absolutely love Fritz's candor!
  • Excellent as always. Appreciated Fritz' bold comments on certain topics (e.g. intl stocks).
  • Very informative, timely & empowering
  • Fritz is always informative and a great presenter.
  • Great and informative!
  • Great. The last pole on income, did not give me enough time to click on answer.  I hope I still get the 2 hours CFP for attending the 1 hr 52 minutes
  • Great for grounding me.
  • Best one yet!
  • Just excellent insight, backed by data and tempered with wisdom
  • Excellent, however, I did hear contradictory comments about MPT and not including international moving forward. I like most people on the call believe in MPT and International. Why not buy Intl when the dollar is strong and then wait until the dollar weakens to reap the rewards? I believe in hearing your opinions, however, you seemed very defensive and make bold predictions of your own that I respect and like to hear. Just recognize how we interpreted a different tone and direction today.
  • Great and the timing is spot on.
  • Comprehensive.
  • Covered all important issues
  • Great as usual. Really liked Fritz's comments about stock market volatility and risk premiums.  Very helpful information. Thank you Fritz!
  • Great
  • This statistician is excellent every month!
  • Very educational, excellent information and insights into the economy.  Good use of time.
  • Slide 26, might be more impactful if the positive sectors are in green vs red

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