T’was The Night Before Fritzmas

T’was the night after Christmas, and here are the facts,
not an advisor was purring among the herd of smart cats

Stocks were down by 19.8%, by Fritz’s calculation
and fear suddenly gripped the entire nation.

With no recession in sight and strong economic growth on the horizon,
as bear markets go, Fritz said this is a good one.

In a breaking news CE webinar scheduled amid Monday’s Christmas Eve stock plunge, the tension was broken by a 5% surge. Unfazed, economist Fritz Meyer delivered a sober assessment, including his earnings expectations for 2019.



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Wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2019!  

Andy Gluck

  • Awesome and timely. Really appreciated the quick response to current market conditions. My lips are loaded to calm client emotions.
  • Timely and enlightening! 
  • Timely and positive   
  • Timely and effective 
  • Webinar like today was PRICELESS + worth the annual fee for A4A! Fritz uses a rational presentation of the facts (not fake news!) To shed light on what is really going on in the markets now  - an investor fear reaction to our political mess - versus what continues to go on in the real GROWING economy. Thank you Andy + especially Fritz for these important timely sessions which gives advisors the emotional tune up to stay focused on creating real value for our clients! 
  • I am very appreciative for these economic updates! 
  • Great info!
  • I wasn't worried about things, but appreciated hearing Fritz's perspective and seeing the data.   
  • Very grateful for Fritz' willingness to step up, analyze and comment on the admittedly severe market gyrations of late. My clients are wonderfully well trained (only one has sent me a panicky email), but it's nice to be able to relay comforting stats to them.
  • Always good to hear a voice of reason
  • Great presentation. Fritz provided tangible facts that justify the current market volatility. Truly a calming, rational voice at a time when it's greatly needed.   
  • Very timely and well done 
  • "Appreciate that Fritz has very up to date, very detailed information and in great volume.   
  • Andy gets a 5.0 too for making today's timely webinar happen.  A4A is a big part of my business.  I appreciate the Team very much.  Happy New Year. "
  • Great.  Very timely. 
  • It was very informative and useful especially given the current market volatility.   
  • Excellent, haven't been to one in a while, looking forward to quarterly update   
  • Andy this was a great idea and obviously impeccable timing on having Fritz present. As far as these impromptu webinars during market confusion, it is a fantastic service to the A4A community. It provides endless talking points to use with clients in conversation and further solidifies any smart adviser's repertoire of information. It also reaffirms the adviser who is uncertain about which stance to take. Fritz' ability to take a stand, stick with it and rely on the data is invaluable.
  • Excellent and timely, thank you 
  • Great presentation!  Thank you Fritz.  This was immensely helpful. 
  • Much needed to help provide vital info to me to disseminate to my clients during these turbulent markets.
  • A lot of Sense.....
  • Very helpful perspective to calm the fears. Lots of useful information to share with clients.
  • Terrific! These unscheduled sessions that respond to real time events are very helpful.  
  • Very timely, appreciate his voice of calm and reason, backed with data
  • Excellent. Thanks for putting this together.   
  • Liked the timeliness  
  • Great!
  • It is great that Fritz can give us an update to help re-enforce what he has been telling us and give real pertinent pointers.  Thanks!
  • Excellent to refocus us away from the noise of the markets back to the fundamentals of the economy
  • Thanks for hosting this Andy.  Fritz is one of the most level-headed commentators i listen to on the market and a needed voice of calm.
  • Fantastic, so clear and concise and timely 
  • I appreciated the timeliness in response to market activity.   
  • EXCELLENT!! Great insights into current market events   
  • Great slides help explain today's economic picture compared to the "media" irrational view of things   
  • Always enjoy Fritz's presentations 
  • Spot on   
  • Incredibly helpful information presented in an always thorough, thoughtful and easily digestible way. Not an easy balance to strike, but Fritz always seems to pull it off. 
  • Would like more insight into the international economy and markets 
  • Exactly what was needed
  • Excellent timing, very reassuring! 
  • Good information.
  • I really appreciated the update from Fritz.  Thank you Fritz! 
  • Excellent
  • Excellent.  Enjoyed the presentation and the charts that are very relevant to what is going on at this time.  Glad it did not get into the weeds about political aspects to what could have caused some of the volatility but stayed with the economics.
  • Superb! Fritz really knows what he is talking about and has a way of making it clear to all.  
  • Very timely & relevant 
  • Valuable analysis!   
  • Always good; timeliness of this was great
  • Great info - timely! 
  • Extremely timely, good summary of what is going on. 
  • Andy/Fritz - MANY, MANY thanks for this timely and informative update!  Couldn’t be more grateful! 
  • This was great and reassuring.  Andy, you did a great job by putting this together in such a timely manner.  Norm P 
  • Great   
  • I so much appreciate you stepping in to give us a rational look at what is going on the markets.  Month to month is great but these two special "events" have been tremendously important.  Thank you!
  • Very comprehensive on short notice! 
  • Very good info but maybe a tad bit late?  Big selloff has already affected clients
  • Much appreciated in light of current volatility
  • Very timely & helpful; helps build confidence amidst mkt volatility & clients elevated emotions
  • Excellent review of the key data and facts-which is what has to be the focus when the herd mentality begins to dictate movement.  The coverage in the business networks is mixed and generally shows a lack of balance to the perceived driving forces.  Unfortunately, this is what clients listen to and this is why the analysis by Fritz is both timely and necessary to maintaining the proper balance in understanding the fundamentals, even though it cannot be denied that emotional reactions do drive values.
  • Terrific
  • Particularly poignant for the markets right now.
  • Helpful & timely 
  • Too short
  • Excellent, excellent; this is why I pay my fee 
  • I like them all.  However, I can honestly say I am  a Fritz Meyer fan of his methods and style of presentation.
  • Great! Timely    
  • Good
  • Excellent as usual.  Very timely.  Thank you, thank you. 
  • I'm really glad you held this webinar.  There is a lot of confusion out there, and Fritz always zeroes in on the most important information. 
  • Fritz distills the economic data noise into something that is insightful and understandable 
  • Excellent summary that can be broken down simply for our clients! 
  • Great timing   
  • Timely and mucho informative 
  • Very interesting, and timely! Love having the "breaking news" "hot off the presses" analysis--with data! 
  • Very good, more concise and to the point.
  • Obviously perfectly timed, and I appreciate Andy and Fritz putting this together on short notice and around the holidays. 

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