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Key Takeaways from Jackson Hole

by sdantia     August 31, 2015      0.0 (0) Despite numerous Fed officals speaking over the weekend, there was no strong signal as to what action the FOMC may take in September.  Indeed, Fed Vice Chair Stanley Fischer was asked repeatedly throughout the weekend about what action the Fed may take at its next policy meeting and he worked hard to keep all options open for the FOMC.

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Much Ado About Yuan

by sdantia     August 14, 2015      0.0 (0) China began to devalue their currency and markets reacted sharply.  As the week progressed, however, initial fears proved to be unfounded.   

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The Fed and Future Interest Rates: 4 Key Questions

by sdantia     June 29, 2015      0.0 (0)   In June, the FOMC declined to begin the long process of normalizing interest rates.  However, the Committee still positioned itself to raise rates later this year for the first time in nearly a decade.  Investors are increasingly focused on what the Fed’s new rate regime will look like and FOMC word

US Stock Market October Performance at a Glance

by ronsurz     November 04, 2013      0.0 (0) Here are the best & worst performing market segments last month.  The total market earned 4%, bringing the year to date to more than 26%.

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The U.S. Will Become A Third-World Nation Unless We Fix Our Financial Mess

by GatorBob     August 26, 2013      0.0 (0) I don’t think anyone can deny that the U.S. government needs to fix its national spending and taxation policies, and do it quickly. This nation, in my opinion, is heading toward third-world status if its financial situation isn’t corrected. We’ve been the world’s greatest power, militarily as well as economically, for a

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