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Fritz Webinar Attendees Are Not Overly Optimistic About 2019 Stock Returns

by agluck     January 01, 2019      0.0 (0) Sixty-two percent of A4A members expect 2019 to be a sub-par year for the stock market, while 38% expect a good year ahead.   According to a poll, taken following the bear market low of Christmas Eve and 5% rebound on December 26, 2018,     REPLAY     46% of attendees said the S&P 500 would return less than the long term ann

T’was The Night Before Fritzmas

by agluck     December 27, 2018      0.0 (0) T’was the night after Christmas, and here are the facts,not an advisor was purring among the herd of smart cats Stocks were down by 19.8%, by Fritz’s calculationand fear suddenly gripped the entire nation. With no recession in sight and strong economic growth on the horizon, as bear markets go, Fritz said this is a good one. In a b

Key Takeaways from Jackson Hole

by sdantia     August 31, 2015      0.0 (0) Despite numerous Fed officals speaking over the weekend, there was no strong signal as to what action the FOMC may take in September.  Indeed, Fed Vice Chair Stanley Fischer was asked repeatedly throughout the weekend about what action the Fed may take at its next policy meeting and he worked hard to keep all options open for the FOMC.

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Much Ado About Yuan

by sdantia     August 14, 2015      0.0 (0) China began to devalue their currency and markets reacted sharply.  As the week progressed, however, initial fears proved to be unfounded.   

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The Fed and Future Interest Rates: 4 Key Questions

by sdantia     June 29, 2015      0.0 (0)   In June, the FOMC declined to begin the long process of normalizing interest rates.  However, the Committee still positioned itself to raise rates later this year for the first time in nearly a decade.  Investors are increasingly focused on what the Fed’s new rate regime will look like and FOMC word