Dueling Economists: Shehriyar Antia Draws 4.7-Stars, A Complement To Fritz Meyer Hot

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Eight weeks ago, economist Shehriyar Antia visited A4A world headquarter in Jericho, NY, and we planned his next presentation. Shehriyar just needed some pointers on using PowerPoint. he needed ti make the visual presentation better by using graphics instead of words in slides, by showing charts and math behind his conclusions. He’s a quick study. Look at the 33 comments below from your peers!

Shehriyar is a former senior analyst at the NY Fed, where he managed Treasury portfolios supporting quantitative easing. He’s brilliant and a great partner. Since he does not know many advisors and is not a marketer, I suggested he peg some of his ideas off of Fritz Meyer’s monthly presentation. Why not give Fritz followers an independent view of Fritz's analysis from a world-class economist and former Fed-insider? Some comments below nailed it by saying SHahriyar Antia is an excellent complement to Fritz Meyer's monthly anaysis,

Shehriyar is a quarterly contributor to A4A. He is a graduate of the The of International And Public Affairs at Columbia University, as am I, and and he somehow saw my work on A4A from a link in the alumni list. When we met, it was obvious from the start that we would help each other. We're doing it, and A4A members like what we're doing!  

Shehriyar’s average rating was 4.7-stars.


  • I appreciate economics webinars like this which help me in discussing expectations with clients, even though I mostly use index funds and a passive approach in my portfolios.
  • Quality information with solid delivery
  • Very informative
  • Very informative overall.
  • Great speaker.   His predictions sound based in fact, but only time will tell!
  • Lost the sound at several points was difficult to get back on track
  • I like that he takes a position on where to invest.
  • I like and appreciate the information.  Seems to be a fresh and welcome perspective.  Thanks Shehriyar.
  • His speaking style is choppy
  • Very informative, timely and great delivery.
  • Very good. Concise.
  • Very timely!
  • Very good. Comprehensive.
  • Good, succinct info without being too esoterica
  • Helpful & concise
  • Very good
  • Very nice presentation
  • Great info!
  • Clear , concise presentation.
  • Very good and excellent complement to Fritz Meyer
  • Fabulous!!!
  • I liked the fact that the speaker provided some specific suggestions regarding bonds, emerging markets, etc for 2016.
  • One of the best I have heard
  • The presentation was well prepared, very informative and understandable.  Realistic assumptions and facts, optimistic in some areas and cautious in others.  Great Job !
  • Solid presentation.  I would love to hear him again...maybe dueling commentators with Fritz Meyer?
  • Excellent!
  • I thought it was very intelligent and very informative.
  • Each time Shehriyar speaks to the A4A community, something valuable is taken from it. As Andy said, he is very easy to listen to, calm and measured in his presentation, and amazingly accurate. It may have been last March 2015, perhaps even a month or two before that, and Shehriyar was speaking on A4A and predicted the first Fed rate hike would be in December. No one else was willing to say that then but he was absolutely correct. It would be nice to hear Shehriyar speak on a regular basis to A4A. Thank you.
  • Great
  • He was very detailed - compared to others i've heard which are more 500 ft up - your speaker brought us down on street level.  GREAT JOB
  • Excellent information with clear reasons for statements made
  • Excellent - appreciated the practical tips at the end
  • Excellent presenter & presentation. He is very knowledgeable and willing to challenge the mainstream. Original and insightful.


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