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Fritz Meyer, at an A4A continuing education webinar yesterday, brilliantly updated CFPs, CPAs, CIMAs, ChFCs, CLUs, EAs, CPA/PFSs, and other financial professionals about economic fundamentals driving portfolio decisions. Below is a video I just made of Fritz answering some of the very excellent questions submitted by advisors who attended the session.

Meyer is an independent economist and hundreds of RIAs every month tune into Fritz’s live webinars or access replays 24/7 on A4A. At yesterday’s session, Fritz received a 4.7 rating from attendees on our five-star review system.

·        If you’re an A4A member ($60 a year), view Fritz’s November update here.

·        You can join A4A here, if you are a financial professional.

·        The slides from the session are available for $25 a month and IA reps can use them in client meetings, newsletters, videos, blog posts, etc. If you are a registered rep, you’ll need to submit slides you use in advertising materials to your BD for review. If you don’t have a B/D, I’d recommend disclosing something like: “Fritz Meyer, an independent economist whose research our firm respects, compiled the economic and financial data shown from sources believed to be reliable.” 

Attendee Comments:

  • I had computer problems throughout.   But the webinar is always too long for the time allotted.   If i have to leave after an hour which i usually do, i miss a lot.
  • Very good information
  • Great
  • Always insightful.  Excellent!
  • Awesome as always
  • Compelling
  • great
  • Fritz gives me a tremendous shot in the arm each month. He is an excellent resource.
  • very informative!
  • Fantastic.  One of the best yet.
  • Excellent
  • Thank you
  • excellent data
  • Excellent. Great overview.
  • Very reasonable presentation of data.
  • New slides that Fritz added were very useful.
  • Awesome as always!
  • New slides at the end about expected performance in the future very good.
  • extremely comprehensive.
  • Excellent
  • he is my favorite and i attend monthly and even relisten to his webinars.
  • great content into trying to forecast future returns.
  • As always, it was good content, it's just there is never enough time for it all. 
  • Fritz was terrific, as usual.
  • always interesting
  • Excellent
  • Excellent presenter.  So much information was presented, it was difficult to absorb it all.
  • Excellent
  • Great - Fritz provided strong data consistent with my thoughts on overall lower investment returns going forward.  Sad, but likely to be true!
  • As always, Fritz was great.
  • Very good.  I think Fritz could maybe include fewer slides and focus more time on his major points, rotating those points each time.  Overall, well worth the time spent.
  • Loved it but maybe it can be shorter so we would be able to focus on what Fritz's is saying.  It is so good that I cannot comprehend everything that quickly.
  • Thank you Fritz for your continued focus on the facts and the data as opposed to the media noise. It is particularly of interest (and useful) to know about the inaccuracies of those writing in publications as esteemed as even the Wall Street Journal. I think that having a column written by Fritz Meyer (or at least a counterpoint argument) would be enlightening to those who use WSJ writings (and, particular, E.S. Browning) as gospel.
  • Material was fine but I schedule this into my day with other appointments following such.  I'm not sure I can keep doing that given the propensity of this to go over the allotted time.
  • Very good as usual.  
  • Fritz's slides and information is great
  • excellent
  • Fritz is always excellent

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