Part 2 Of Fritz’s February 2015 Economic Update Hot

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What amounts to Part 2 of Fritz Meyer’s February 2015 update is contained in this 1 hour 20 minute video in which Fritz explains the topics he did not have time to cover in a live webinar a day earlier.

In this session, Fritz discusses:

  • Robust growth in main engine of US GDP
  • What’s behind the market surge of the last five years?
  • Why rate hikes are good for stocks
  • 3% US GDP Growth expected in 2015
  • Why Europe’s labor force is a problem
  • IMF global growth forecast for 2015
  • Forward looking purchasing managers’ index
  • US LEIs show momentum
  • Will a strong dollar hurt stock prices?
  • Slack in the labor force assures low inflation
  • Global demand for Treasuries remains strong
  • QE in Europe
  • Bond and gold outlook 


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