Fritz Meyer’s February Monthly Investment Update Is Like Lightning In A Bottle Hot

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Trying to make Fritz Meyer’s February webinar fit into a one-hour continuing professional educational session is like trying to put lightning in a bottle. Fritz has so much good information that when we limit him to one hour, A4A users complain if we contain Fritz. Check out the comments below from 85 of the attendees at the live session, who cared enough to comment, many of whom say they wish we’d let Fritz run long. Please allow me to explain why we can't do that.

A4A is a sponsor and creatorof continuing professional education content for professionals with designations from the CFP Board, National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (CPAS), Institute of Certified Investment Management Analysts (CIMAs and CPWAs) as well as for PACE (CHFCs and CLUs) and IRS EA designees. A4A submits curriculum and descriptions for each sessions to these certification bodies and can’t advertise a session as one-hour and then run two-hours. It’s misleading to people who only signed up for a one-hour program. The rules are mean to protect you.

But maybe we need to change what we're doing and le Fritz go two hours every session. Please take our poll and we’ll do what A4A members want. Voting will be open for 30 days.


Fritz’s average rating for February's session: 4.7.
  • Again, most excellent content and confidence-building
  • Excellent - always enjoy Fritz's perspectives.
  • Fritz just does a fantastic job month after month of putting us straight on the data.  Very helpful.
  • Always good
  • Good info, but Fritz talks too much
  • Excellent!
  • Great
  • Always love it.
  • Need more time
  • Useful, but waiting for his comments on why earnings were so revised.
  • So much great material -- not enough time!
  • Thanks Andy!
  • Outstanding as usual.
  • Always interesting information
  • Excellent
  • Too short for fritz - do it all at once
  • Great info on oil's impact on GDP, etc.
  • I joined in half way, but Fritz is a rock star as usual.
  • Very informative but I had difficulty keeping up.  He tries to cover too much info in the allotted time.
  • Awesome!
  • My favorite economist and presentation
  • Always very informative and helpful
  • Once again, pertinent information presented well
  • I always enjoy Fritz and is non-partisan approach...just the facts.  It amazes me how so many politicians and media type get away with these crazy comments.  No one in a position of authority is unwilling or unable to hold them accountable.  Thanks Fritz!
  • Data driven which was excellent
  • Excellent as always
  • Great insight on current global oil demand matching the reduced production, resulting in a potential pricing bottom
  • Too much time spent on some slides (e.g. labor market) - therefore missing stock market update
  • Excellent!
  • Great job. I agree that 2 sessions would be appropriate to cover the economic update.
  • Fritz always terrific but downward earnings revisions so important that hoped it would be addressed. Will appreciate the follow up.
  • Disappointed he didn't start with earnings issues and spent tooooo long on energy and his repudiation of pundits. I am getting tired of his referencing Bill Gross and I don't even like Bill Gross.
  • Fritz covered great material. I am looking forward to tomorrow!
  • Disappointed that the impact of the recent earnings revision were not discussed today.
  • While Fritz does go over, I think it is time well spent. He provides real ammunition to me to counter the "information" that my clients come to me with from the talking heads and the "my neighbor" experts out there.
  • I understand that Fritz has gotten a lot of heat for going over on time. However, it seems sticking to one hour is pretty difficult without leaving out important information. If the presentation is marketed as being longer do people still care if he goes an hour and a half to two? People who can't stay on longer can always jump off, right? On the bright side, this was great information as usual!
  • Excellent - as usual. Loved Fritz's parsing of oil jobs % growth/decline vs all the rest of other US sector jobs - showing some potential impact of lower oil prices. This kind of looking at the specific numbers - under the hood - is our best defense against the typical talking head CNBC soothsayers who prognosticate their drivel of investment pornography.
  • Thank you, Fritz, for holding the webinar to one hour. As always, you've provided a great deal of content. I think the one-hour (shorter) seminars might possibly be more conducive to properly absorbing that content. It may also be that at the end of a work day, some people are tired and can only stay alert for 60 minutes or so. In any event, your idea about having Part 2 tomorrow (in sequential days) might be a good one. Breaking it up into two sessions, same time, different date, might just work. Thanks! 
  • Too much information for a one hour update.  Plus, too many charts per slide make it hard to hold attention.
  • Excellent as always.



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