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Comedian Jimmy Kimmel regularly does a bit in which Hollywood’s biggest stars read mean tweets written about them.


In the two-and-a-half-minute bit, embedded above, as a tweet is written out across the bottom of your screen, actor Dennis Quaid looks into the camera and reads, “Great acting Dennis Quaid you old irrelevant pig.
Starlet Sharon Stone reads: “I remember when the words “@sharonstone is on television” brought me joy, instead of “I hate that bitch.”
And then there’s this one: “Is there a kickstarter campaign for @Kevinjames to NEVER make another movie?”
Mean public snipes are something we all have to live with in today’s Internet era. When you have a large group of people commenting, you are likely to get a dose of brutally honest truth.
The brutal truth unleashed on the world by the Internet hits home in a few of the comments by attendees of Fritz Meyer’s December 2014 monthly economic update.   
Fritz received a 4.8 rating from attendees, but some of the comments were a bit brutal. Civility is a victim in the Internet era. But we do gain a massive dose of brutal truth.
So could Fritz be more succinct, yes. Does he try? Absolutely. Do your comments matter? Yes, he hears you, and Fritz is doing his best to please everyone, which we all know is nearly impossible. Still he has been doing these webinars monthly for four years and consistently receives high ratings month after month.
One more thing: When I read that one single comment from an attendee saying he does not want to hear my pitch at the start of a webinar, I take it to heart. However, I’m going to keep giving attendees a short commercial pitch at every webinar.
A4A has produced webinars for six years, and it’s disrupted the way financial professionals receive continuing professional education. You just can’t find a better deal anywhere ($60 a year) for unlimited continuing professional education, and the speakers include many of best minds in the field talking about what’s in the news now.
To keep the lights on here at A4A world headquarters, we need to insert a commercial at the start of every webinar. But I would like it if attendees could hear a brief presentation at live sessions and on replays from fund companies or other vendors who would benefit from exposure to our audience. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to refer a sponsor.
The bigger point is, we have lost civility but gained brutal honesty.
If you're an A4A member, you can view a replay and receive continuing professional education credit for Fritz Meyer's December 2014 Update, which received a 4.8 star rating for attendees of the live session held this past Tuesday. Comments from attendees are below who saw the session are below.
Fritz’s average rating: 4.8
  • Outstanding
  • Timely analysis. Good perspective.
  • Fritz is da' bomb! What is fun is look at notes from 6 or 9 months ago and watching the data change from where all the predictions come in from economists, IMF or other sources and to see where we end up. Fritz really helps to tell the story of our economy in clear terms that I can repackage and relay to my clients. Thanks!
  • As expected
  • Another super webinar by Fritz!
  • Very good
  • Informative and relevant
  • Great relevant information, especially related to oil and energy.
  • Fritz has excellent data, however time is precious and Fritz seems to belabor points i.e. "in other words." I wish Fritz would be a little more concise in making his point and moving on to the next important item.
  • Early discussion of oil situation was thorough and useful. Late discussion of yield curve also educational. Fritz' contrarian approach to many of these topics sets him apart. As a contrarian advisor myself, this is quite beneficial. For at least the 3rd or 4th time this year, I elected to listen to Fritz' webinar over Jeff Gundlach's quarterly market call, which is the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 4 p.m. EST. As good as Gundlach is, and as entertaining as he is, I choose Fritz every time.
  • Excellent material and presented well
  • Well presented & supported
  • Great to have the consistency, i.e. Monthly reminders of how Fritz reads a more positive economic outlook than a lot of other short term focus sources.
  • Love it
  • Very insightful.
  • He is excellent - gives me confidence every time to keep my weightings in stocks
  • Very good
  • Always informative.
  • Great coverage of the global oil supply/demand dynamics. Thanks!
  • Awesome!
  • As always Fritz is great! Very informative.
  • Great as usual. Really appreciated Fritz' efforts to keep it within 60 minutes
  • It was very timely and informative.
  • This was especially relevant given the oil price decline and the headlines that has caused. I enjoy his common sense approach without drama
  • Excellent material. Ran over, as per usual
  • Very useful, thanks Andy and Fritz.
  • Too redundant
  • Loved it as always.
  • Lots of good info, but Fritz needs to be more concise.
  • I always enjoy Fritz's take on our economy. I also realize that the US is only 40% of all equities available to invest in the world. What happens in span or Europe will effect our economy Same for Emerging markets and China. We are the only bright spot in the world right now but everything else that is negative can come back to bit us in the ass so to speak.
  • Did you know that the FED lent 17 Trillion to banks in 2008-2009 many of which were overseas banks and no one knew this . Read the GAO report WOW"
  • Andy - I don't want to be sold your other services every webinar - use email, but put Fritz on earlier.
  • I always enjoy Fritz
  • Great - as always. Fritz - and these webinars help keep me grounded in the FUNDAMENTALS that (at least currently) remain VERY positive. Amazingly - most of the financial soothsayers + financial media - always looking to highlight the negative (as it makes for a better story) - are seemingly looking for the market to crash + burn - while it grudgingly goes higher. Studying the fundamentals - as outlined so well by Fritz - we + our clients are winning the loser's game of investing for the long-term.
  • Great
  • I like what he has to say. Can be a little long at times, but the time goes by quickly.
  • Always great.


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