Why Economist Ed Yardeni Is A Mensch; Plus, Good News For Fritz Fans, As Our Intrepid Guru Gets A 4.8 Rating Again From A4A Members Hot

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he is a national treasure, as Andy said. We appreciate the incisive nature of Fritz' presentations and his willingness to fight the status quo of Wall Street predictions and promises. Thank you. P.S. Comment on the 2-hour sessions. Since this is a major commitment of time, perhaps a "hard close" after 100 minutes would be more palatable to attendees, particularly those of us on the East Coast as it is now 6:14 p.m. as I write this review. Thanks.


  • I had to shut it down one hour and 34 minutes into the presentation.  Glad I am not on the east coast. Participating in the monthly webinar becomes repetitive. As I was listening to Fritz today I was thinking he could present ongoing updates to items Fritz fields are important and separate that from new ideas that would be relevant to advisors. he may have a little more structure in the presentation. If the audience is mainly investment advisors I would recommend more information pertaining to investments

  • Always love Fritz's presentation

  • Time Time Time.

  • Drinking from a firehose

  • Excellent presentation!

  • Great idea to have 2 hour session each quarter.  Fritz wonderful as usual.

  • The last segment on active style advice and performance is old news.  Need to change subject and instead focus on new investment themes or rebalancing adjustments made for the quarter.

  • Good, but started late and went over time.

  • Very helpful to have the longer time period to cover the extra material.

  • In the future, the 2 hours is great.  Maybe 75 minutes of content and 25 minutes for Q&A.  Lots of great material as always.

  • Great!!! 

  • Really like to feel positive again, and Fritz is providing the info for me to change my sentiment.  Thank you Fritz and Andy.

  • Excellent. 

  • I really liked the 2 hour session. 

  • I don't always have 2 hours but I was able to do it and it was great!

  • Another effective presentation with the data points to counter the conventional wisdom or the main media opinions that many clients are influenced by to the point of evaluating the value of the counsel and direction that are provided.

  • Always Good!

  • Great!!!

  • Excellent because he keeps moving and covers a lot of ground rather than pushing one or two thoughts.

  • Super!

  • Too long but great info.  Don't do this on a Fri

  • This was one of his best...he is a real value to A4A!


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