Fritz Meyer Gets A 4.7-Star Rating From Advisors Attending His January 2014 Economic Update, But There’s Always One Scathing Review For Even The Best Presentations Hot

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Fritz Meyer gave a brilliant update on the economy Tuesday, and he received a 4.7 rating from the 71 advisors who took the time after the Webinar to score his presentation on A4A’s five-star rating system. Fritz, month after month, has received incredibly high ratings from attendees. But I want to focus on a single negative comment left by an attendee.
While 71 advisors who attended the session gave a 4.7 average rating to Fritz and 31 of them wrote short review of the session, one attendee lambasted Fritz.
"It's hilarious that Fritz thinks he provides his information in an unbiased manner for the viewer to draw their own conclusions. It would also be nice if his support for a raft of Republican policies and agendas didn't shine through like a beacon too. It feels like you are moving from presenting to an audience a mile wide and an inch deep to an inch wide and a mile deep. Shame."
With 31 positive comments versus one negative comment, it's fair to say that Fritz’s message was valued by almost everyone who attended. Even though he is a gifted speaker, Fritz somehow rubbed this one person the wrong way.
I'm not singling out this commenter for ridicule. I actually appreciate the attendee for taking the time to write a review. But he is off base.
Fritz has done something like 42 monthly presentations on A4A and look at the comments every month from attendees, and I do not recall any commenter before accusing Fritz of allowing a political bias that frames his analysis. Fritz avoids partisan commentary by sticking with facts and quoting nonpartisan research like the Congressional Budget Office. Perhaps the commenter is reading a political plot-line into Fritz’s presentation because of his strong political leanings.  
Point is, whenever vendors provide solutions to a group of investment advisors, there’s always one who sees things much differently from the others. I love the diversity of opinions among advisors, and that’s one of the reasons I am drawn to working with independent advisors. But I just want you to understand how difficult it can be to work with a large group of strong-willed entrepreneurs who are almost always convinced their opinions are right. You guys are tough!



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