Risk Averse Clients May Find Comfort In Four Dividend-Paying Stocks That Have Been Steady For Decades Hot

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Investors take comfort in a cash dividend that has been consistently been paid out. Either the company has the money or it doesn’t.
Dupont, Coca-Cola, Sherwin Williams, and Archer Daniels Midland are the four magic names.
Dupont has paid a dividend each quarter since 1904.
Coke has paid dividends for 51 years straight and has raised its dividend every year since 1963.
Sherwin Williams began paying dividends in 1885 and has increased its dividend for 35 of the years since.
Archer Daniels was founded in 1923 and has paid a dividend every quarter since 1932.
They may not have a lot of sizzle but slow and steady can be pretty attractive in the midst of a rough-and-tumble economic recovery, volatile political uncertainty, and continued fallout from the global sovereign debt crisis.

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