Competition Between The Four Internet Giants Will Intensify During 2013 As Each Begins To Cross Each Other's Turf

Software behemoths Google and Amazon will be ramping up their hardware offerings to boost customer loyalty and extend control over their software services and the resulting revenue flow.
Apple is building more of its own software to further differentiate its devices.
Google plans to use its recent purchase of Motorola Mobility to improve its Android devices in an attempt to knock Apple from its product dominance.
All four companies view search capabilities as the opportunity to capture and profit from customers.
Google has so far been the king of search with its search box input but its rivals plan to undercut it with search capabilities on smartphones and other devices that enable recommendations from friends.
Apple’s Siri is a voice-activated service that responds to vocal inquiries about the weather or sports.
Next year, Siri will have new data that will equip it to handle a broader array of inquiries.
Other areas where the four are also clashing include e-commerce and online advertising.
To see more details about what you can expect from each company during 2013, click here.
The efforts of rival companies to catch up and take market share away from Apple are interesting and competitive forces are spurring innovation as Apple seeks to expand its dominance with its foray into television.

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