Sometimes it seems we just don’t want to do what seem to be the simplest things to move our businesses along the desired path.
Or maybe your partner gets most of the accolades about the success of your business even though your partnership is 50/50.
You may have even brought more clients to the business than your partner has. Why do we allow ourselves to get stuck and simply accept less than what we really want from our careers?
Fear of conflict can cause us to procrastinate…indefinitely.
Sometimes making a big change is the answer. A big change can keep you energized and focused on the future.
There are three things you can do to motivate yourself to make such a change:
  1. Make a list of your options; then get feedback from other advisors who have made big changes themselves
  2. You may need external support in the form of a coach or consultant to support you in making the change
  3. Make sure you set yourself up for success by making the change at the right time
The New Year is usually a great time to review business plans, reflect on the direction of your business, and give some thought to your personal satisfaction.
As you become energized, ensure your success by putting into place the things that will support you and give you positive feedback to keep you motivated and on point.

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