Other Groups Outside Of Congress Are Worth Watching As Fiscal Cliff And Deficit Discussions Progress

The US Chamber of Commerce has its own ideas about fixing the US deficit, saying higher economic growth, spending restraint, and entitlement reform can do the job without having to raise taxes.
So the Chamber has aligned itself with these groups to gain the influence it seeks.
The Chamber has over 300,000 members and represents over three million companies. Some companies, like Apple Inc., left the group in 2009 because they felt it was basically an arm for Republican policies.
Another set of rival business voices is the Patriotic Millionaires group that met with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and encouraged raising taxes on the wealthy.
Still another group called the Business Roundtable, a group of CEOs, is in closer contact with the administration. They are slated to meet with the White House in December.
The fiscal cliff/deficit reduction saga grows more interesting when you realize there are multiple influences outside of Congress to watch as discussions continue.

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