Advisors should ask women straightforwardly if they have planned on how they will care for their health and how they will pay for it.
When women are asked these questions, their answers often revolve around depending on relatives to take care of them. This may come as a surprise to the relatives, who may not have included caring for a parent in their financial plan.
If clients cannot afford long-term care (LTC) insurance, advisors should actively and purposefully help them explore other options.
If LTC insurance is an option, it should be purchased sooner rather than later.
Women naturally are planners and should be engaged in shopping for Medicare plans because there are wide variations in options.
This year, the Medicare enrollment period goes through December 7. Those affected by Superstorm Sandy can apply for an extension. 
Women especially tend to put care for family members above care for themselves.
Helping women feel good about taking care of themselves is a great way to build relationships with a segment of the population that is already controlling a great deal of wealth and whose influence will only grow in the future.


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