Clear communications. More than ever, clients want transparency and clear communications are the ticket. The ability to clearly and concisely articulate information and advice will spark both confidence and enthusiasm from clients.
Personal Branding. Social media is not going away and the easiest and quickest way to build communities through which you can develop your personal brand is to embrace them, let your personality shine through, and effect mass personalization of relationships with your followers.
Flexibility. Clients—especially those with serious net worths—demand flexibility. The more adaptable you are to meeting their needs on their terms, the more successful your business will be. Pure and simple.
Productivity improvement. Corporate executives are looking for employees to up their productivity by 20% next year. What would happen to your business if you upped your productivity even by as much as 10%?
This also means that new hires and interns should be thrown into full growth mode from Day One.
Incorporating these new members of your team into a variety of daily aspects of your business early on will pay off in greater productivity and will free you to do what you do best.

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