Assets are pouring into gold at a rate of $77 billion per year. As a result, companies that store and transport gold are springing up everywhere, even in airports.
In the US, one can buy gold from coin dealers and over the internet. In Germany, banks sell gold bars.
Financial institutions are trying to discover other ways to market gold. Banks in China and Vietnam have gold savings plans, much like the US has retirement plans for employees.
Gold is traded much more widely than it used to be. The Shanghai Gold Exchange is only 10 years old but saw its volume rise 40% between 2004 and 2011.
Gold plating is covering everything imaginable for the wealthy, from iPhone cases to car logos to bathroom fixtures.
ETFs are also holding gold in record amounts. They currently hold about 2600 metric tons, which is equal to the world’s total gold production.
Switzerland is currently the largest refiner and storer of gold bars, despite the fact that three-fifths of gold investment comes from Asia. Singapore saw demand for its gold increase by 177% last year and hopes to become the Switzerland of the Asian market.

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