Which Sectors Are Likely To Benefit From Which Party's Policies? A Variety Of Factors Should Be Considered

LPL’s chief market strategist Jeffrey Kleintop has created a chart that shows which industries are favored by Democratic policies and which are favored by Republican policies.
The chart shows eight industries under each. Those that will benefit from Democratic policies include healthcare, gas utilities, food and staples retailers, construction materials, healthcare services, homebuilding, and construction and farm machinery.
Those benefiting from Republican policies would be coal and consumable fuels, diversified financial services, gas and oil exploration and production, oil and gas drilling, managed care, electric utilities, specialty retail, and communications.
You can find the chart here and you can use it to spur your own thinking about areas that might benefit based not only on the policies each party favors but also based on the makeup of Congress and the likelihood that such policies will be enacted.


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