Halverson is an experimental social psychologist and originally published the nine things successful people do differently in February 2011. The post continues to circulate and receive comments on Twitter.
The nine things are:
Be specific in your goals. Knowing exactly what you want keeps you motivated until you get it.
Seize the moment. Grab the opportunity to further your goal. Don’t put off an activity thinking you’ll get around to it later.
Know exactly how far you have to go. Make an honest and regular accounting of your progress.
Be a realistic optimist. Make avid use of positive thinking and don’t underestimate what it will take to achieve your goal.
Focus on getting better instead of being good. Most people focus on proving their abilities. Successful people focus on improving theirs.
Show some grit. Gritty people tend to be more educated. They will also stick it out during the first grueling year at West Point.
Build your willpower muscle. Developing self-control requires practice. When you want to give up, don’t.
Don’t tempt fate. Don’t make reaching a goal harder than it really is or should be.
Focus on what you will do, not what you won’t do. Focusing on the negative keeps your attention there.
You can find Hanson's write-up here and the original Halvorson blog post here.

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