Donors have incentives to give large. Those who donate $2500 become Level 1 Founders and receive a beer per day for life. Level 2 Founders, donating $1500, will receive a beer per week for life.
The recipients of the donations will be rotated on a semi-annual basis. The bar is located in a building where a church group also meets on Sundays. The Village Ballroom serves as the meeting place for congregants.
The opening of the bar is yet to be scheduled because the rental space is currently being renovated. The bar may be the first of its kind, although Bloomberg BusinessWeek recently identified similar spots across the country that are soon to open.
Washington, DC, Houston, and Milwaukee are some of the locations. The bar in Milwaukee plans to donate 100% of proceeds to charity. So it just may be that the customary after-hours drink with colleagues will begin to do more than just provide relief from a taxing work day.


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