ECB Focuses This Week On Gaining Consensus For Managing The Eurozone's Debt Crisis, Pulling Out Shuttle Diplomacy As A Tool For Focusing Conversations

The European Central Bank (ECB) is intent on filling out its plans to manage the existing turmoil in the European bond markets. This would give distressed Eurozone countries more time to structure plans for jumpstarting their economies.
The ECB is widely expected to place a cap on the amount of debt each country can have and remain part of the euro. The caps would buy time for pro-growth strategies and new infrastructures to work. A plan to place a target on bond yields would enable the ECB to essentially print money through purchases of distressed countries’ debt.
ECB president Mario Draghi is trying to convince Germany’s Bundesbank to go along with the new bond-purchasing plan. The amounts of bond purchases would be published. All of these measures are designed to restore confidence in the marketplace and keep credit costs for the most troubled economies low enough to get the funding they need.

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