Global Study Of Entrepreneurs Finds Small Business Owners More Confident About Current Business Conditions Than They've Been In Years

Twenty-two hundred responded to the survey and less than one quarter of them expects business conditions to get worse over the next six months. Just six months ago, a full 38% of entrepreneurs expected conditions to worsen.
Founded in 1987, the organization has 8700 members across 35 different countries. Having access to capital is a critical element of small business success and over 90% of survey respondents said that access to the capital they needed had either become easier or had, at least, not become more difficult.
Eighty percent said they would be willing to start a new business in today’s environment. They’re also hiring. Sixty-two percent said they plan to increase full-time staff over the next six months.
Over the last six months, the regions of the world where the most jobs were created were the US and Latin/America, particularly around the Caribbean.
Although government economic reports may seem on a continual dismal track, looking at these types of studies as well as the various types of indicators that report on a regular basis can offer both you and your clients a more robust—and more accurate—picture of the economic climate.
Relying on single reports, particularly short term, can be like the blind men describing an elephant.

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